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Hello! I'm a 22-year-old student (though an experienced teacher ;)) who mainly provides lessons in Finnish and Swedish. The content of the lessons is up to you to determine. I can teach you specific vocabulary you need in your profession, we can focus on grammar, speech or writing. As you wish. :) I have been living both in Finland and Sweden and I speak these languages on native level. Apart from these two languages I've got a language degree in English on C1 level. This means I am also glad to give lessons in English if your English level allows it (I unfortunately do not speak much Hungarian yet). The lessons can also take place online (Skype/Facebook call).. Do not hesitate to contact me for further information! :)



Tantárgy Szint Ár (Ft / 60 perc)
Svéd anyanyelvi 2000,-
Finn anyanyelvi 2000,-
Angol C1 1500,-

Írj neki!